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Here at Penacook Family Dentistry we offer a wide variety of services available for every member of your family from cosmetically appealing restorations to prompt same day emergency services.

Many of our other high quality and affordable services include root canals, extractions, custom tailored dentures and partials and whiting systems!

For the convenience of our patients we have added a periodontist to our team offering in office periodontal treatments continuing our goal to promote and maintain the best overall care for your teeth and gums.


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Patient Testimonials

Read what our patients are saying about Penacook Family Dentistry.


First of all I want to tell you how good I feel about going to the dentists. I wish that I could have met the dentists at your office years ago. As you know I am very afraid of the dentists, but since I have been having work done that has changed.

Dr. Maxfield is such a kind and caring person. I didn't feel any pain during the surgery. Usually when you go to the dentists that visit is it, if you need something over the week end you need to go to the hospital. Dr Maxfield gave me his home phone and also his cell phone number in case I needed him over the week end. He also followed up the day of the surgery with a phone call to me.

With the office staff, the dental assistants, my favorite hygienists, Dr. Kramer and Dr. Maxfield they have all restored my faith in dentists. I thank them all for that.

Leslie D. - Penacook, NH


Thank you so much for the service you did for me I really appreciate it. I hope that I will be able to get back to my six month routine. I was getting very worried about my teeth.

Thanks again,
Shirley G. - Penacook, NH


After all my years of going to the dentist and dreading every visit. I found the most wonderful dentist when I found Dr. Degieux.

Let me explain, I am 57 years old and had been going to the dentist at least once a month for the most of my childhood. I was born with bad teeth due to medications that my mother had to take during her pregnancy. As an adult I would often put off going as I hated it so. That was until I found Dr Degieux.

At one of my visits I even managed to fall asleep in the chair while she was working on me! If someone had told me there was a dentist that could do that to me I would never had believed them. She’s a wonderful person as well and always looks out for her patience’s well being. She’s willing to listen to what her patience’s have to say and not just do her job!

She truly is a craft master of her field. I have and will continue to recommend her to all my friends.

Vicki R. - Concord, NH


Penacook Family Dentistry is the best. Their staff and dentist are very professional and courtious. They always greet me with a smile and make me feel welcome.

Ruth H. - Boscawen, NH


My teeth were in desperate need of attention. I had been loosing my teeth and was in constant pain.

The staff at Penacook Family Dentistry took me under their wing and was able to work up a plan to immediately relieve me of my pain and developed a financial plan to allow me to continue to follow that plan. Working together, I continue to receive more options regarding my dental health and as a result I now have a great smile!

The staff is experienced and concerned for your health, answering questions, making suggestion on daily care and demonstrating the proper techniques for dental health. They are so friendly and caring you feel as if you have known them for years.

You are always a welcomed part of this family.

Thanks Penacook Family Dentistry for my Smile!

June E. - Nashua, NH

I've been seeing Penacook Family Dentistry for over 4 years. These people are professional, friendly and highly knowledgable. I have to travel 45 minutes to see them but it's definitely worth it. i'll recommend their practice to anyone who's looking for great dental services.

Tricia R. - Gilmanton Ironworks, N.H.

I can not say enough about the professional, warm, caring and energetic team at Penacook Family Dentistry. As a person who had a fear of going to the dentist the team at Penacook Family Dentistry went out of there way to make me feel comfortable my fears lessened and the team was very supportive during my whole experience from the front desk to the dental hygienist, Dr. Kramer and Dr. Maxfield in addition to Joel who made it all possible for me to have a new smile. Thank you Penacook Family Dentistry, I can not stop smiling now!

Becky C. - Concord, N.H.


I wanted to send this email to you to express my gratitude to one of your Dentists, Dr. Kramer. As a woman in my 40's I spent my adolescence & early adult life so afraid of dentists that I would cry and pace the floor every night before my expected visit. After these nights I would inevitably cancel the dentist appointment because the fear gripped me so hard.

I had recently suffered from an abscessed tooth on a holiday weekend. Penacook Family Dentistry was the only office that could see me on that Monday. I expressed my fears to the staff and Dr. Kramer. They worked with me and were very descriptive to every procedure that they were about to preform. After the series of x-rays it was determined that I needed a root canal. Instant Fear!!!

Dr. Kramer discussed the procedure and assured me that he would make me as comfortable as possible.

I have never won the lottery but always told myself if I had I would spend the money to be put to sleep for all the work I needed to have done. Dr. Kramers compassion and willingness to take the time to walk me thru the procedures and to give me the only pain free dental procedures I have ever had in my life has changed my mind. Sure the money would be great, but thanks to the staff at Penacook Family Dentistry and Dr. Kramer I have hit the Jackpot!!

Thanks again for such wonderful service and compassionate staff.

Vicky M. - Concord, NH






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